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Miso Carrot Soup

The weather is warming up but I’m still in a very soupy mode. There is just something comforting about soup. Maybe it’s because I grow up drinking different kinds of soups, or perhaps inherently, I am reaching out for something that helps me feel comforted.

Everyone go through difficult or  challenging times. For me, a good workout, a laugh with my girlfriends, snuggling up to my hubby, reading magazines or books, baking, cooking or having a warm bowl of soup and more importantly quiet time with my heavenly father are all activities I do to make me feel better.

This soup is rich and comforting for sure. Blended carrots make such a creamy sweet soup. I totally can’t get enough of eating this. I made this version with miso but I’m thinking it will do very well with a dash of sour cream.

Now, a word of warning though, be careful after blending this soup and re heating it. It can make a messy kitchen! Nothing like cleaning to make it therapeutic right?

Miso Carrot Soup (serves 6)
2 red onions chopped
1.5 kg of carrots chopped
1 bunch of celery chopped
2 tablespoon of miso paste
2 litres of chicken stock
water if needed

Saute red onions and cook till soft. Add carrots and celery with chicken stock. Cook till done and then blend the soup up. Return to pot and add miso paste. Season, taste and serve.



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