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Chocolate Bliss Balls

Yummy chocolate that is good for you. Well, chocolate is good for you too anyway isn’t it? πŸ˜‰ I’m totally in love with these little snacks. Health food shops and this, this and this totally inspire me to make some.

It’s packed with amino acids, and healthy fats. Cacao is great for increasing blood flow and anti-inflammatory. Seriously, what not to love!

In the process, I discovered how easy it is to make our own nut butter. Maybe it is a good incidental accident. I blitzed almonds for around 5-10 minutes and slowly and surely, it released its oil and become this lovely butter. I experimented a little and the below version is made up of cashew, almonds and brazil nuts. I can’t wait to try it with hazelnuts and cocoa to make a version of Nutella perhaps or maybe with walnuts!

So I made two versions so far. I have to confess that the first time I made it, I used a canned nut butter jar. The second time, I blitz up different nuts and it tasted even more amazing. And I was very surprised  that I actually liked the version with coconut. Seriously, what is wrong with me!! this coconut thing is growing on me.

Best of all, it’s low in sugar. Hey, one more in my mouth won’t hurt. πŸ™‚

Chocolate Bliss Balls
1/2 cup of brazil nuts
1 to 1.5 cup of almonds
1/2 cup of cashew
1 tsp of coconut butter
1 scoop of your favourite protein Vanilla Powder.
2 tsp of cinnamon

2 tablespoon of Cacao powder/or dutch cocoa powder if you like
2 tsp of honey or 2 tsp of organic coconut sugar

Blitz all the nuts in the processor till it becomes a paste. If it gets too wet, then add some almond meal. Add the cacao powder, protein powder, cinnamon and some honey. Blitz together till it becomes a soft dough. Roll teaspoons into a ball and roll into some cacao or coconut or even sesame seeds! Chill to firm.



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