Squeeze and Stir Heinz Soup

I’m excited! Nuffnang asked if I could review a recent product that has hit our supermarket shelves- Squeeze and Stir Heinz Soup.

As you are aware, I enjoy “eating clean”- which means less processed food as possible. By habit, the first thing I did was to turn and read the label. While this is not my ideal, everyday choice of a snack, I’m happy to read the ingredient list that it is relatively low in sugar, and high in tomato paste (85% in one instance!).

It arrived on my doorstep in a lovely package. Packaged with a soup mug, spoon and 2 sachets of Squeeze & Stir Instant soup. I’m pleased that Heinz made an effort to be environmentally friend- the mug, box, cloth and soup are all re-usable. Instead of sending paper information, they included a small USB drive. Thumbs up for thinking that far!

The sachets are indeed very handy- I can see it stash in my work drawer, or bag.

I’m not a fan of powdery sachet soups- I find that on most occasions, it can be too lumpy. Worse, it is full of sugar, msg, sodium and fat. Empty calories on most counts. These little handy heinz sachets though resembles more like a thick tomato paste, that dissolve easily with a little hot water. After storing it for a few seconds, I topped it up with more warm water. They are not very low in sodium, but certainly better than some other canned or powder versions.

There, a reasonably thick and tasty soup. Of the two flavours that I received, my favourite would be “Rich Tomato with Basil”.  Not only it has 84% of tomato puree, it has a intense beautiful rich flavour to it. It tastes “real” and not “artificial” if it makes sense. The ripe tomato and vegetable tastes a little sweeter to me, but certainly resembles the usual tomato soup that you would find in your local supermarket shelves.

I wish I save half of the sachet (before drinking it up!), I could also see this as a lovely marinate for chicken (think oven baked tomato chicken), or even in soup with added fresh vegetables and meat for a one pot meal. I guess I just have to have more to experiment! In our cold wintery weather, this is certainly handy to have in the pantry.

small note-This is a Product Talk by Nuffnang post. I’m not paid to review this product, but was provided the samples instead. I aim to be open and honest in expressing my opinions 😉 


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