Nutella Ice Cream

There is something magical about having ice cream on a cold day. It sends shivers down your spine when the cold hits you. That shiver rocks. Cold upon cold. Not that you can’t enjoy ice cream on a hot day too- that is a difference form of enjoyment. It’s a sense of relief from the hot weather.

 I cannot remember now where I stumble across this recipe. It is sooo good! Nutella ice cream is like having a legitimate reason to have spoonfuls of nutella. What’s better with this recipe is that it uses coffee to bring out that hazelnut taste. A good thing about home made ice-cream, on top of the whole no preservatives, and the you know exactly what goes in there argument, is that it is made in small batches. We totally savoured this creamy rich ice cream. Every bite was a winner.

I’m slowly getting the hang of making ice creams as well, and am very happy to say this is a successful recipe. The tricks I have gather include being patient when making the custard base and also using full fat real ingredients. It is also the first time I used a recipe that does not have any eggs in it and uses corn starch to thicken up the custard. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was, and there wasn’t a starchy taste to it at all. The ice cream in the photo looks soft. That’s because I was greedy and decided to scoop it up when it was only in the freezer for an hour! It was far creamier when in the freezer over night.

 Now, this makes me wonder about a peanut butter base ice cream!

Nutella Ice-cream 
3 cups full cream milk
 2 tablespoon of sugar
 2 tablespoon of cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt
1 tablespoon strong coffee powder
1 cup Nutella

 Place ice cream maker canister in freezer for at least 24 hrs.

 Bring 2.5 cups of milk to boil. Meanwhile, place 1/2 cup of remaining milk, sugar, corn starch, coffee and salt in another bowl. Whisk well.

 When milk boils, slowly whisk nutella in. Then, whisk in the above milk mixture. Bring it to low boil for 2-3 minutes till it thickens. When you dip a metal spoon it, it should coat the spoon. Draw a line down, the line should stay. Remove from heat. Place into another bowl and chill for 4 hours if not over night. Then churn in your ice cream maker for 25 minutes or so. Freeze. It will appear soft when you remove from the canister but harden when frozen.


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