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Clear Soup- Broccoli with Pork Mince Balls with Ginger Broth

I have my own little journey with food, meals and exercise. It started when I was 8- I had a growth spurt, and then I started piling on weight. Before I know it, I was in high school and attending the TAF (Trim and Fit) or otherwise known as the FAT (if we reverse the alphabets) club.

Then I went to college and due to being away from home and making very poor food choices, I became severely obese. The heaviest weight that I was was near to 90s, possibly around the 86 or 87kg mark. I stopped weighing myself when it hit 85kg.

 I lost 35kgs by the time I was in post graduate studies. It was through running and making better food choices. Age was also on my side. Being in my early 20s, metabolism was still active.

 Then I hit my mid to late twenties and I could literally feel that it was getting harder to maintain my fitness and weight. I was feeling more sluggish, with bloating and digestive issues. I started questioning why and how I could become fitter. I attended Zumba classes, and slowly fell in love with exercise again.

Then slowly, I started to challenge myself with boxing classes, kettle bells and other strength base work. I began to learn about nutrition and food. My body fat started reducing, although my weight still fluctuates slightly. I look fitter and people started commenting. My punches are getting stronger, and hubby commented that I am less obsessive with my weight, rather focusing on other health targets such as sprinting speed, kettle bells rep, strength in boxing…etc.

Yup. it’s about creating a fitter me.

 Food is an interesting one. Readers would have noticed that I have slowly changed in my direction of home cooking. It’s not so much of an Atkin’s low carb sort of food that I aim for. It’s more Paleo style. It’s about being back to basics and not eating too much refined food. It stabilises blood sugars and provides more energy. I still stand by the 80-20% rule- where I’m eating good 80% of the time, and having one day as my cheat day. It is more realistic and less guilt inducing when I do indulge in a slice of cake, or ice cream.

And I still bake treats! 😉

Embracing this in our Chinese culture? Much easier than what I thought it would be. In fact, besides rice and other sugar laden sauces, most of our chinese meals are quite basic and nutrition dense. I am dying for my grandma’s steam chicken with a big dish of bak choy. Or how about some Ginger steam fish?

Or even.. a bowl of clear soup.

I made this broccoli clear soup with lean pork mince balls one evening and oh, what a bowl of steaming soup it was. Seasoned with some ginger and soy, it was easy to drink and hearty to eat. Simple is good. Clean eating is good!

Clear Soup- Broccoli with Pork Mince Balls with Ginger Broth
2 heads of broccoli
2 chili padi
4 cm knob of ginger, sliced
1 tablespoon of soy
1 litre of chicken stock
2 cups of water

450 grams pork mince lean
3 cm knob of ginger grated
1 tablespoon of chopped garlic
2 chili padi chopped.
1 tablespoon of soy
1 egg
salt and white pepper

Marinate pork mince for 15 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, in a deep pot, sauté ginger and chill. Then add stock and water, season with some soy. Bring it to a simmer. Place half of broccoli into the pot. Boil till vegetables are cooked. Then, using a spoon, drop spoonful of pork mixture into the pot. Bring it to a boil. Add remaining vegetables and simmer for 15-20 minutes or so.



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