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Tau Suan

Back in Singapore, I have not been a big fan of hot desserts. I wouldn’t call Tau Suan- or split mung bean sweet soup my favourite either. But weird things happen to tastebuds when you miss home and this is one of them.

I spotted Cuisine Paradise lovely break down of the recipe on her blog and decided to try the stir fried method. It was spot on. The way I remember it, the way I like it. Best of all, I found some fried dough in a neighbourhood grocery shop- a win! They sell it in a big bag though so the rest of the packet is still in the freezer. I would love to have some rice congee with it one day!

But back to the Tau Suan. It was much simpler than what I thought it would be. Soaking it and then frying it makes it quicker I presume. I didn’t bother to boil water with pandan leaves because they come in frozen packets here and by the time I defrost them, it doesn’t have any flavour. I wouldn’t want to add any pandan essence to this either-that would be very weird! So we made do with just sugar and water.

After we had our first bowls, silly me forgot to turn off the stove fire (I had it on very low) and the delicious desert turned… into mung bean paste! argh! needless to say, I need to make another batch when the weather cools down a little.

Tau Suan (recipe adapted from Cuisine Paradise)
100 grams split mung bean
1 lyre of water
1 tablespoon of caster sugar
sugar to taste
1 pair of fried fritter

To thicken
1/2 tsp of potato or water chestnut flour mix with 100 ml of water

Soak Mung beans for 10 minutes. It should expand. Drain.

Then fry mung bean in a sauce pan with the sugar. It should be fragrant and caramelised. Turn off heat. Set aside

In another pot, boil 1 litre of water. place mung beans in. Simmer for around 5-10 minutes. Taste and add sugar if required.

Then lower heat and stir in potato/chestnut flour/water mixture to thicken it. Serve with tau suan into bowls with fried fritters.



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