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Smoked Salmon and Chorizo Basil Frittata

Weak nights are usually a mad rush for the both of us. Usually I would arrive home first, slapping on something on the stove or oven before rushing to the gym or to other appointments. On average, we have dinner 3-4 nights a week after 9pm.

Friends usually ask why would I still want to cook or prepare a meal if we are always in such tight rush for time. The main reason is because I love the control of what gets cooked and eaten. That way, I can add little dairy, little oil or other fat whenever I want. Recently, I have been trying to get both of us eating less processed food and carbs, which means preparing meals at home is a necessity.

It’s not that difficult when one planned out weekly meals. I try to predict what my schedule is like for the next week so I can adjust and plan meals accordingly. For instance, most Thursday nights are wrap or egg nights. Pretty much no cooking and food can be eaten in a flash after a shower when I come home from gym. During winter, we had soup nearly every Monday night. Simply because I can pop it into my thermal cooker or even a slow cooker to simmer away before I come home at 10pm for a quick feed (but not too filling) before resting.

As the weather warms up, I find myself eating more easy to prepare salads. It’s usually a 10 min prepare job with little fuss. I paired some greens with a easy to bake frittata and think it’s such a fulfilling meal. think eggs baked with ingredients! Think of the lack of washing up to do later on!!

Smoked Salmon and Chorizo Basil Frittata (Serves 4)
8 eggs
100 grams smoked salmon
1 chorzo sliced thinnly
1/2 cup of soy milk
1 cup of basil leaves

Sizzle chorizo on cold to hot over proof pan. Meanwhile, whisk eggs with milk. Pour egg mixture into pan. Top with smoked salmon and basil leaves. Bake for 20 minutes in 180 C till eggs become set. Serve with green salad.



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