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Happy Birthday Blog!

Happy belated birthday, blog (it was supposed to be in September..)!!

A little blink of an eye and this blog is seven years old. Yes, you read it right. I have never celebrated the “birth” of this blog-simply because it has been a constant in my life for the past 7 years. So much so that, I forgot when I started it.

I recall that I started writing after a bad break up. It was suffocating. I had to write a Honours thesis and found my thoughts drifting to painful memories. So I wrote all my feelings into this space, to free up my emotions for the write up of my thesis. It was therapeutic. Then I started baking in the wee hours of the morning to relieve stress. And started writing about it.

And it got addictive.

In all these years, this blog has seen me post about my food adventures and life. Later, I completed my doctoral thesis and blogged about it. I found love again, got married and there it was-with many people around the world celebrated with us.

So I thought for this year, I really should say thank you blog. For its existence and for people who followed bits and pieces of my journey.

October is also my birthday month. Therefore, I have prepared two goodie bags for you to celebrate this special month. This will be a lucky draw for two lucky readers from wherever you are in the world.

goodie bag #1
weekend cooking is often more fun. Relaxation produces better food I say! So I thought someone could benefit from this + a set of chopsticks, lunch bag and a little note holder.

goodie bag #2
You can’t get much Aussie than having lamb! I appreciate this meat more since cooking in Australia. Here, I have also included in a wine carrier, pasta measurer and a small note holder.

If you would like a gift to celebrate October, leave a comment here. Oh, and like my Facebook page. I have decided to share more details about our kitchen and food in Perth on this page. After you liked it, leave another comment which will give you an additional ticket to the draw. And if you share this post on your blog, leave me another comment to give you another entry.

This giveaway will end on the 28th of October. I will announce the winners on the 30th of Oct.

huge thank you to everyone for your support! 😉 here’s to many more years to come!



16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!”

  1. Hi Daphne, How r u? Congrats on yr blog 7 yrs anniversary (“,) Love reading all about yr recipes and happenings as it gives so much inspiration for my own mediocre cooking! Love always, J.


  2. Oh congrats girl on your blog birthday! What a wonderful venture you have started out on and I am so happy to be apart of it. I love your blog and recipes and here is to many many more! Great giveaway too! Pick me Pick me!


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