Quick Fix Egg Tarts

With one piece of puff pastry left in the freezer, I was wondering how can I make use of it. Then Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover posted her Egg Tart with Puff Pastry and I knew that I have found my answer.

Egg tarts has a special meaning for the two of us. When hubby asked me to be his girl friend, he took me to a lovely quiet spot near a river armed with an egg tart. I was still in university and he just started working. He picked me up after my late classes and told me he was worried that I would be hungry (as I usually am after my classes), hence the egg tart. We were good friends who went for a few dates before that evening and I thought nothing of it. When he did utter the question ” I have been thinking, I really enjoy spending time with you and I know you like the time we have together too, so would you be my girlfriend?”, I was just slightly surprised.

Two hours of questioning later, I agreed. Most of my friends still give me grieve that I  “tortured” him with my questions in our early stages of dating. While I was initially embarrassed, I was glad we clear up some expectations and thoughts early on, which probably helped us prepare our lives together. If you are wondering, these questions were about his future plans, career pathways, religion and beliefs and seriousness about the relationship. My line of thinking was, I’m not going to waste my time if he isn’t serious!

Oh fun times indeed. So while I have not yet master the art of making proper egg tarts yet, I managed to surprise hubby with these little treats when he came home late from work one evening.

Quick Fix Egg Tarts  (makes 8 mini egg tarts)
1 piece of puff pastry cut into 8 pieces
3 eggs
40 grams of sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp of vinegar

Whisk eggs, sugar, vanilla and vinegar. Strain it twice. Place pastry into muffin or tart tin. Pour egg mixture into casing. Bake in a preheated 180C oven for around 25-30 minutes till golden brown.


14 thoughts on “Quick Fix Egg Tarts”

  1. hi daphne, i was smiling all the way thruout your post reading your dating ‘stories’, sure he is one really thoughtful guy! Egg tarts sure reminded you of that night!


  2. Ahh, I certainly do remember the questioning, sitting on the jetty looking at the calm water and city lights. The egg tart worked well!! Very well I must add. And yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see egg tarts waiting for me at home :).


  3. Daphne, you are smart to ask all the questions and clear your doubts. No need to waste time with someone who is not serious.. hehehe. I am sure your hubby will remember the interrogation from you when he was eating the yummy egg tart you made. I love egg tarts too but I like to Chinese pastry the the Dim sum restaurant used more than puff pastry. Never fail to order egg tarts when I go for dim sum. The best egg tarts that I can get in KL is those from Tong Kee but it is still a notch lower in taste compared to those I had in Hong Kong. Those are so awesome, they melt in your mouth! Thinking about it makes me drool.


  4. Your questions sound totally rational to me! Now you understand why I’m so picky about guys…why waste time if it won’t go anywhere!These egg tarts look so delicious and I love the memory attached to them.


  5. DD- thanks! Will look into that ;)Rita- I hope you do!Little inbox-yay!MaryMoh- thanks for dropping by too.Jessica- it’s like custard tart-only better!!lena- hahah, it sure does πŸ˜‰ glad u like my stories!armand- bootigerfish-hahaha, not likely! but at least he bought some for me sometimes.quay po- me too! I like the HK style as well!!!Joanne- exactly! My theory is that the more we ask, the more we know and time is precious!


  6. I enjoyed reading your story. Haha 2 hours of questioning! He seems like a very gentleman by the way he asked you to be his GF. It was a lovely story and thanks for sharing! Egg tarts are my favorite among all dim sum dishes (I know I’m strange). I go straight to the dessert when people eating dumplings etc. I just need to eat them when they are hot. Your version seems it’s easy enough for me to make at home!


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