Tau Cheo (Soya Beans) Pork Ribs

It’s not often that we have ribs in our home. I’m usually nervous about the fat content with these babies. A friend recently shared with me this recipe and I just simply could not resist it. It’s good old fashion ribs made at home- the Cantonese/Chinese way.

The photos are not really appealing aren’t they? It’s pretty difficult to make a pile of bones enticing. The taste however, .. mmmmmmmm. You could hear us licking our fingers more often than talking while having dinner that night.

The sauce is made up of soya bean paste-that’s the magic to this dish. With the addition of ginger and chili…It’s so good with a bowl of rice.

so we conclude- the winner of pork ribs are not bbq ribs anymore in this household. It’s getting in touch with our Chinese roots and making it the Tau Cheo Way!

Another conclusion? The best place to eat pork ribs? At home. With all 10 of your fingers.

Tau Cheo (Soya Beans) Pork Ribs (serves 4)
Around 700 grams of Pork ribs
1 generous tablespoon of minced garlic
1 onion sliced
1 knob of ginger peeled and sliced
3 chilli padi (You can also use some dry chili)
1 tablespoon of white vinegar
1.5 tablespoon of salted soya bean paste (from oriental stores)
1 cup of water
potato starch or corn flour mixed with a little water

Fry onion garlic, chilli and ginger till nice and fragrant. Brown ribs with the mixture. Then, add in vinegar and the salted soya bean paste. Add 1/2 cup of water first and simmer. Cook for around 45 minutes or so till the meat looks like it is falling off the bone. Taste and if it is too dry add more water. If too watery, add the corn flour/potato starch mixture. Serve with rice and stir fry veges.


9 thoughts on “Tau Cheo (Soya Beans) Pork Ribs”

  1. noobcook- hehe, now i got to figure out other ways to use the sauce up!Jessica-thanks!Lena- steam is a great idea too. Ching- no problems!Sonia- hubby as well! LOL but the dim sum place is usually more blackbean sauce right? Spoon and Chopsticks- hope u do!Joanne- haha, thanks.


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