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Potato and Leek Soup

Ok, So I hate to admit.. that I have perhaps gone overboard with my weekly soup obsession. Like seriously overboard. How do I know? Out of my 10 outstanding posts, there are only 3 that are NOT soup related.

I’m not sure if that will stop me though. The more I make soups, the more I like it. Maybe.. just maybe, it’s my Cantonese heritage mixed up with my years of being in Australia. You know, the nightly clear vege/slow cooked soup paired with main meals turned into weekly thick comforting western style soups?

Am I even making sense?

In 2007, I made a similar soup– it was a much simpler version. This version of potato and leek consists of more vegetables- mainly celery and spring onions. I find that the addition of more veges gave a rounder and richer soup base than just potato and leek.  It also  has a bit of chunk into it-since I rarely blend my soups to a fine mixture. Usually, I leave out the “end bits” in the pot while I blitz the rest up with my gorgeous blender.

Isn’t it always fun to look back at past entries of similar recipes? I started this blog on the 14th of September 2004 and a blink of an eye, it is nearly 7 years. It was a space for me to vent my frustration when I was completing my thesis, and I turned it into food related instead. Over the years, I had the encouragement of bloggers around the world to cook better. Well, I hope I have cooked better 😉

Well,  I know it’s only June but I can’t help but think… my blog will be turning 7 this September. ahh..

Back to the soup. It tasted even better the next day.

Potato and Leek Soup (Serves 4) 
1 onion diced
1 tsp of garlic
4-5 medium size potatoes diced
2 leeks sliced
1 small bunch of spring onions
1 small bunch of celery diced
1 ltre of chicken or vegetable stock
200 grams lean bacon diced

Saute bacon first till brown. Remove from pot. Cook onions till soft. Add potatoes. Again, cook till it has this lovely looking crust. Add all the other veges. Cook it down. Add stock and simmer for 20 mins or so till tender. Cool. Blitz everything up. Return to pot. Add most of the bacon bits, leaving some for garnishing. Dish up with cracked pepper.



7 thoughts on “Potato and Leek Soup”

  1. i have preference when it comes to western type of soups and i think i probably like this one! you’ve been blogging for 7 years?! wow, that’s a very long time! and still very active!


  2. Somehow I didn’t realize you’d been blogging for so long…seven years! Wow that’s a feat! This potato leek soup looks so delicious. I say…bring on the soups!


  3. Okay I am having to bookmark all these soup recipes for when the summer is over (104 here) and the winter comes! You are the soup queen girl- I love this leek and potato soup. I can just taste all the rich flavor! Love it


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