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Macaroni Fishcake Soup

Here is another of our quick fixes. I tend to have some fish cake or fish roll stuffed in the freezer for “emergency meals”. You know, meals when you get home at 8pm and realised that you are staving but have to put something on the table in 20 minutes?

I often associate macaroni with being sick. Now, I associate it with comfort and quick. Warm chicken soup with fish cakes and ham brings it up another notch higher.

It’s no fuss food to the max!

Macaroni Fishcake Soup
1 or 2 fish cake sliced

100 grams of ham sliced
200 grams of macaroni
1 ltre chicken stock
chinese veges- such as bak choy or choy sum
spring onions chopped
pepper to season

Boil stock and cook macaroni. Put all veges, sliced fish cake and ham into the pot. Cook for around 5 minutes or so. Serve with spring onions and a sign of relief that dinner is done.



14 thoughts on “Macaroni Fishcake Soup”

  1. yeah, i also used to think that eating macaroni when feeling sick and another one is meesuah but now no more, even simple cooking lke this can be truly satisfying and comforting!


  2. once again you have won me over! Incredible recipe. Fishcake soup is something i have actually heard about but never thought i could actually try it. Not sure why but now I feel ican! Thanks girl!


  3. My favorite is chicken and macaroni soup – so macaroni is definitely not “sick” food for me. As comfort and quick as it can be :)…many yums for me.


  4. little inbox- yeah I am man.. sometimes it’s ok but other nights, it’s a rush!Pete- 😉 thanks for dropping by!Lena- I agree!JEssica- oh u got to try fish cake! but first you have to hunt them down!tigerfish- oh yeah! I like chicken and macaroni soup too!


  5. I never thought of cooking macaroni in chicken broth! That’s like western version of udon (maybe not a good example). I’m going to try this because my kids love macaroni, but I’m tired of creamy or tomato base! Love it!


  6. rita- hehee, I hope so!Jen- thanks dear!Nami- You are spot on with this being the asian version. Ching- ;)Sonia- oh yeah. nothing beats a comforting soup on a cold winter night.Joanne- hahaha, thanks!


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