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Sunshine Chorizo Lentil Soup

What I love about winter:

1) I get to wear boots
2) I love scarfs
3) Lovely warm jackets
3) Hot chocolate
4) Nice warm throw and heated wheat bags
5) Listening to the rain
6) If you have a gas fire heater or wood heater, the warmth from it!
7) Hot comforting food like stews, casseroles and soups!

Soups certainly bring abit of sunshine in rainy cold wet weather. This soup was inspired by our trip to Denmark, Western Australia. I have always found it funny that there is a “denmark” in down under Aus. It’s nothing like Copenhagen Denmark of course. Denmark WA is filled with hikes and scenic views. We are so in love with the serenity of the place.

On our first night there, we went to this “funky” new restaurant and lo and behold, they have soup. All I recall was heaps of veges, lentils and shavings of parmesan on it. At home, I added generous amount of chilis and heaps of veges. It was slowed cooked for around 2 hours so the flavours really did seeped in.

The other thing we discovered was “vinofood”. Jams and chutneys made with wine! My favourite is the fig, chardonnay and apply chutney. I paired it with some goats cheese. yum!

I guess this soup brought back abit of the holiday with us to home as well!

Sunshine Chorizo Lentil Soup
250 grams of soup mix lentils (Soaked for 30 minutes)
500 ml of beef stock
500 ml of chicken stock
2 carrots chopped
1 small sweet potato chopped
1 small bunch of celery chopped
1 red onion chopped
1 chorzo chopped
5 chili padis chopped
1 heaped tablespoon of garlic

Heat soup pot. Add chorizo. Fry till it is done. Remove some. Add onions and garlic. Cook till soft. Add lentils and toss for around 2-3 minutes. Add stock. Simmer for 1 hour. Stir. Add veges. Cook for another 30-40 minutes, longer if needed. Season. Serve with parmesan cheese.



11 thoughts on “Sunshine Chorizo Lentil Soup”

  1. hi daphne, i wish we have winter here so that i could also wear boots, people would think i just walked out from an army camp if i wear boots around, even fashionable ones also not very sensible i think! But i can make soups like this! ooh, i’m seeing some chilli padi here too, sure this is hot but i guess would be really nice to take especially during cold days!


  2. Hi Daphne! Your soup looks delicious! The fig and apple chutney… very good choice. I used to love winter just like you – your list sounds very familiar to me… but trust me as I get older, I somehow prefer warm weather (but not humid)… I heard about it from older people before, but it’s funny now I’m experiencing it. Cold weather is too harsh on my weak body!! LOL.


  3. I like your reasons for embracing winter 🙂 I prefer milder springs or fall. Summer is too hot, and winter ? -it is not really cold and harsh here but I dislike it when days are too short.The chorizo must have spiced up the soup a lil’! Good flavor to the soup too.


  4. Sonia- awww.. but i miss kl food!lena- that’s so true that boots are not practical there. I love my shoes so I am glad I have reason to buy boots!Nami- I think I am often buried underneath blankets and heat packs that i dont feel the cold that often! haha. but i did notice i need more of those in recent years..tigerfish- Oh yeah! I love my chorzios! hahaJessica- Lentils rock!Joanne- Glad u like it!Ching- yeah! it does! cheap too.Culinary Princess- brown lentils is a good idea as well! I made a soup with sweet potato and red lentils before.


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