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Finger Sandwiches

On a recent road trip, I decided to make some finger sandwiches to take with us. We owned a bread maker machine, so hubby made a lovely fresh love of german rye bread. For the filling, I did a salmon cream cheese salad version and a chicken and celery one.

Initially, I had no intention to post these sandwiches. Afterall, sandwiches are sandwiches. Nothing too tricky or interesting about it. But we really did enjoy the chicken and celery ones and wondered if there are any other sandwich fillings out there that you have come across that are interesting.

For instance, in Australia, I learnt that kids and adults like the following:
– vegemite
– curried egg (mashed egg with curry powder and mayo)
– chicken mayo
– tuna
– ham and cheese (especially if it is toasted!!!)

Personally I love and have experimented
– peanut butter and jelly
– Kaya (a coconut jam)
– nutella and crushed hazelnuts
– smoked salmon with cream cheese and dukka
– roast beef and horseradish cream
– ham and chutney

Can you think of any more varieties?



11 thoughts on “Finger Sandwiches”

  1. oh, there are so many different types of filling that i like and one of those is just simple egg mayonnaise with salmon bits. hey, i wish i can get those 2 tier plate stand like yours!


  2. finger sandwiches are so perfect. They are dainty and flavorful and super easy to make. Perfect for brunches and teas.I have never tried ham and chuntey but now I will have to. My fav combo is chicken salad!


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