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Sticky Goodness- Pecan Pie Bars

 Oh if there is a dessert I could rave about, it would be sticky pecan pies. I spotted this recipe from Joanne- Eat Well with Others. I couldn’t… just couldn’t resist making it.

It’s sticky, it’s sweet and it has nuts! Surely that would have been good for you? Makes all the exercise worthwhile. One thing though, I found that the crust is more biscuit like than pie like. Still, it was hard to stop at one. Best thing is that it is mini bites… so it does not hurt to reach out to have another one.

Check out Joanne’s recipe on her blog!



12 thoughts on “Sticky Goodness- Pecan Pie Bars”

  1. that is like the ultimate southern treat here in the south and my hubby and dad’s favorite dessert ever. I have done the pie before, (way to many times) i think it is time i give the bars a try – don’t you think? Those look amazing, once again a great recipe!


  2. lena- hehe of course u can!Ching- yeah it is!Nami- I wish that too!!Joanne- they are very addictive!JEssica- really? i’m glad I made a southern treat! tigerfish- 😉


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