Foo Chuk (Barley, Beancurd and Ginko Nut Dessert)


Chinese desserts are one of a kind. Depending on different regions and cultures, it can be in a jelly form (agar agar, grass jelly) or perhaps in a soup form. As a child, I did not appreciate soupy desserts. I preferred cakes, jell-o and creamy ice-creams.

As a teenager and later on as a young adult, I grew to like them. In fact, I missed having them. Perhaps it is the case of absence makes your heart grows fonder. I was surrounded by chinese desserts and never once did I missed it. However, since leaving the country and realising how difficult (not to mention expensive) accessing them, it became a treasure hunt.

Many of my childhood weekends was spent sitting in a dessert shop in Chinatown, Singapore, savouring a bowl of black sesame paste or my grandmother’s favourite- Almond Paste. This particular bean curd dessert is a family favourite. It’s one that my mother or grandmother would made and it would be a big hit. Especially if it is chilled on a hot, humid day.

I often think it is a Godsend that the Internet was created. It allowed me to learn from fellow bloggers on how to make childhood dishes that I often craved. I took lessons from noobcook and Sonia. Not to forget, my grandmother when she was in Perth.

Beancurd Sheets are made from soy beans of course. It can be use in savoury or sweet dishes. I re-hydrated the sheets in normal tepid water for around 15 mins. Ginko Nuts are known to help in memory and general health well being. I usually make a big batch of this and fridge it. It makes a nice, handy dessert!

Foo Chuk (Barley, Beancurd and Ginko Nut Dessert) serve at least 15
200 grams of barley rinsed
200 grams of bean curd sheets
400 grams of ginko nuts (I used one can of ginko nuts)
100 grams of rock sugar
3 ltres of water 
few pandan leaves tied in knot
2 eggs beaten

Soak beancurd sheets in water. Set aside. Meanwhile boil 3 ltres of water with barley and pandan leaves.  It will take around 10-15 mins. Add bean curd sheets and ginko nuts. Simmer for another 15 mins or so, depending on how soft you like your bean curd. Add rock sugar. Taste to see if it is sweet enough. Turn heat off. Add eggs, gently stirring the pot while doing so.  Remove pandan leaves for serving. Chill if desired.

PS- Kitchen Snippets is offering a giftaway! How cute those apron looks! Have a look and visit her blog too. A space full of inspirations!


19 thoughts on “Foo Chuk (Barley, Beancurd and Ginko Nut Dessert)”

  1. Sonia- I’m glad you like it!!Kenny- Good to hear!3-cookies- Hope you get to try it soon ;)Eva- Thanks!Tigerfish- Yeah, it’s one that often fall off my radar for dessert too.Ching- hehe, I like both!Jen- Yeah it is!!! Feel like having a bowl now! LOL


  2. ooh, one of my fav dessert and also just made this 2 days ago but no fu chok.I passed some to my mum and she asked me to put in some egg whites next time.


  3. Shirley- me too. ;)Mary- thanks for dropping by!Lena- ooo, u reminded me!!! I did put 2 eggs in there. Not just the egg whites though. I need to amend the recipe. LOL


  4. I can’t believe this is a dessert. I mean it looks awesome but I have never heard of using beancurds in a dessert which is why I LOVE coming to your blog to learn more and see dishes from around the world. Its as if I am sitting there myself eating it! It really does look so intriguing and fun and delish


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