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Grilled Beef Sesame Japanese Salad

Are you the type of person who likes making decisions or perhaps prefer to ponder your choices for a while? For me, it depends on the situation and type of problem. Take food for instance, I plan my meals on a weekly basis a and around work schedules. The usual weekly conversation hubby and I have goes something like this:

me: “any meal requests for the week?”
hubby: silence
me: “I need suggestions!
hubby: “erm… beef?”
Me: “ok, how about a beef salad?”
hubby: “ok….” (and probably feeling relieved that I’m not pressuring him to give me more answers)

When it comes to general house issues’s the reverse.

hubby: “sooo, what light switches would you about electrical points, do we need 5 in the study?”
me: silence
hubby: “I need you to have a look…”
me: “I didn’t know there are actually TYPES of light switches? and yes, 5 is too many in the study…”
hubby: “ok, we go with the white switch and remove 2 electrical points and put in a surge protector board.”
me: “ok” (relieved as I have no idea what he was talking about but it makes sense…)

That’s why I guess God make sure that I am there to feed hubby, and hubby is there to make sure I have enough electrical points in the house to use…

Speaking of confusion, I’m not sure if the weather knows what it wants lately either. We have been going through a series of winter, summer and autumn weather in one week. It is freezing one day, and super hot the other. It’s getting harder to plan meals. Take this salad, I made this while it was below 20C. And then made a soup when it was 35C!

Hubby likes his beef medium rare. I like mine towards medium. We compromised as the rump steak has a side that is thinner than the rest (Which makes it cooked quicker). I sprinkled some peanuts and made a sauce based on sesame dressing from the shops.

Grilled Beef Sesame Japanese Salad (Serve 2)
250 grams rump teak (tenderized or with sea salt sprinkled and left on for 10 mins or so. Rinse and pat dry. This will make the meat tender).
1 tsp olive oil
cracked pepper

3 cups of salad leaves
1 carrot shredded
1 avocado diced and sprinkled with lemon juice

3 tablespoon of sesame dressing
2 tablespoon of mirin
1 tsp of soy
1 tsp of sesame seeds

granulated peanuts to serve.

Heat grill pan till very hot. Spread olive oil on beef and some cracked pepper. Sizzle steak on both sides for 3 mins each. Rest steak. Sliced thinly.

Dressing-whisk everything.

Assemble salad but placing carrots on top of salad leaves. Beef. peanuts and dressing on the side.



13 thoughts on “Grilled Beef Sesame Japanese Salad”

  1. Haha I fully expect that I shall someday be having these conversations with my future husband. 😛 too funny.The salad looks delicious! A great way to get your veggies in but still eat seriously tasty food!


  2. LOL, same case here, wakakaka…It’s hard to get his opinion on what to cook when dining in and what to eat when dining out. On the other hand, I have no idea about the electrical and electronic appliances. I let him fully in charge for that.


  3. that is so funny! at times i do think that men and women are entire 2 different aliens on earth but still can fall in love with each other so deeply!!


  4. Joanne- that day will come!Min- for sure! salads with lots of toppings!tigerfish- hehehe. I think most couples have similar conversations. Little inbox- exactly! we are the same. Although I’m starting to learn…slowly! And he is starting to give more responses of what he wants to eat (by flipping cookbooks and telling me that looks good). LOLquay po- hehee, i understand what u r saying. Funny though that I disagree with that saying (i know that u r using it as a figure of speech).No frills- thanks for dropping by. For sure!Jessica- me too!lena- i think that’s the beauty of a relationship even though that is what makes it challenging too. I think if hubby is the same as me, that will be a true nightmare!Sudden cook- yes, us as well! and less carbs sometimes.Babe_KL- thanks!Blackswan- thank you for dropping by and a lovely link.


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