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Singapore Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles)

There are some Singapore dishes that are closed to my heart. Singapore Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee is one of them. The lovely prawn broth gravy’s essence soaked into the noodles. The whiff of “wok hei” (high heat cooking) in the air.. ahh…  spicy sambal and lime on the side. I’m back in Singapore again.

I recall being confused with the many versions of prawn mee. AR who is a Malaysian reminded me that it is called “Char Mee” in KL. However, they are actually different since Char mee uses lard and dark soya sauce whereas Singapore Hokkien Mee uses a prawn base broth.

I spied this recipe from Rasa Malyasia who led me to Kokken 69. This recipe is adapted from them with some changes to the stock base and ingredients. Mine was rather wet as well-the way I like it. However, in most places it’s served rather dry.

Singapore Hokkien Noodles (Serves 4-6)
200g Yellow Noodle
100g rice vermicelli (Soaked in hot water)
600g prawns with shells on
300g Squid (Sotong)
300g Pork Belly
40g Green chives
500ml Chicken stock
2-3 whole peeled garlic
500 ml water
3 Eggs
mince garlic
2-3 cups of bean sprouts

1 tbsp Fish sauce
white pepper
dash of sesame oil

fried shallots
wedges of lemon/lime
chili sambal

First make stock:
Shell prawns. De vein prawns. Fry prawn shells in a deep pot till pink. Pour in chicken stock, water and peeled garlic. Simmer for around 1-1.5hours. At around the 30 minutes mark, add in pork belly. Cook pork belly for the last 30 minutes. Remove, cool and slice thinnly.

Blanch squid and pranwns in stock till cooled. Remove both. Slice squid.

Fry garlic in wok. Add in beaten eggs. Swirl. Scramble. Fry both noodles for around 2-3 mins. Ladle 2 scoops of stock into the noodles. Let it soak in. Ladle again when it is nearly dry. Repeat 2-3 more times. For the last time, cover to let the noodles bath in the goodness of the prawn stock! Then, add bean sprouts, prawns, sliced pork and squid. Season. Do a taste test and adjust accordingly. Serve with shallots, squeeze of lemon/lime and chili!

ps- remaining stock makes a very good soup base the next day!



12 thoughts on “Singapore Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles)”

  1. no way- squid and pork belly in one dish! You are amazing- I really might surprise the husband with a culinary trip around the world with this dish. Headed to the store this morning- heres to hoping they have everything i need! LoveyaJessica


  2. Little inbox- yeah! Sig- hehee, do it!tigerfish- it sure does!Jessica- thanks!! I would be so happy if you would have give it a go! Ching- yes! u got to. It’s a classic in sg.


  3. Came by again to ask you to join my recipe challenge this month. The post will be next wednesday and I would love for you to join me. Just send me a pic when you can of anything new you have cooked so far this month and I will post everyone’s pics and link it back to their blogs! Oh PLEASE join! Your a fabulous cook! Oh and I won’t take no for an answer! LOL!


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