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Lamb Curry 2

Determined not to be disappointed with my first curry-from-scratch experience, I rolled up my sleeve and decided to give it a go again. This time round, I have ALL the ingredients with me-including curry leaves and ginger.

I opted to use a milder Indian curry powder which still provided the kick. We are a family who loves our spiciness but even my grandma admitted that last batch was abit too potent. You can tell that the colour is slightly different too-probably because I cooked this longer, and added more potatoes to it. This means I had to add more water to it too.

I was told that each time one makes curry, it may taste slightly different. But as long as we keep tasting, keep smelling, and keep adjusting, it will be fine. I did just that. Thankfully, everyone could stomach this curry, and the leftovers were even more tasty the next day.

See recipe and Lamb Curry 1 here.



5 thoughts on “Lamb Curry 2”

  1. Love lamb esp those Indian lamb/goat curry but I never cook it before. I should learn from my friend’s mom soon. She cooks really good Indian food and curry at home.


  2. Kitchen belleicious- it was indeed tender 😉 Ching- ya! u r not a fan of lamb. 😉 Tigerfish- yeah! u shld, then i can learn from u!Joanne- thanks dear!


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