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Nata DeCoCo Coconut Jelly

Hot hot hot hot hot.

Perth has been going through a series of hot weather these days. One weeks like this, it’s difficult to spend time in a kitchen. I can totally understand why some people have air-conditioning in the kitchen! While having a few friends over for a bbq lunch one day, I decided to make Agar Agar for dessert instead. Agar Agar is a plant based gelatin which makes it suitable for vegetarian or Muslim friends.

To add texture, I used Nata DeCoCo, a coconut fiber. Once the first layer cooled, I was able to put in a 2nd layer, resulting in the dual flavour jelly. The 2nd layer was made up of coconut milk and agar agar. Hubby commented that this was addictive..and even our french friends were fascinated by such a simple but “different” (In their words!) dessert.

Nata DeCoCo Coconut Jelly

2 packets of Swallow brand agar agar powder. I used a green and plain one.
Sugar- I recalled using half of what the recommended amount was. 
180 grams of Nata DeCoCo (it comes in a can)
220 ml of coconut milk 

Following the directions on the packet, dissolve the plain packet of agar agar in water and sugar. Bring it to boil.

Meanwhile, start spooning Nata Decoco into the moulds.

When the mixture starts to boil, remove from heat. Cool slightly, spoon mixture into the moulds-filling it halfway.

Repeat. Over heat, dissolve the green agar agar powder with 1 cup of water, coconut milk and some sugar. Again, once it boils, remove from heat and cool slightly. By that time, the nata decoco layer would have firm up slightly. Spoon the coconut milk agar agar mixture to fill up the moulds. Cool and refrigerate.

Sending my little jellies to  Weekend Herb Blogging! It is hosted by Simone from Bricole– I’m intrigued by the dual language on her blog. Italian and English.



13 thoughts on “Nata DeCoCo Coconut Jelly”

  1. over here, we are also experiencing hot weathers in the early morning up till late afternoon and so sunny, i try to stay indoor if i can. your jelly sounds good with coconut milk and this is definately good to eat on these hot days!


  2. shirley- thanks!celine- heh, hope your girls will like it.rita- me too!min- yeah! totally easy.lena- yes, i try to stay indoors too. it’s too hot. 38C today! cooking gallery- ;)tigerfish- really? gosh, send some cold here. it’s way too hot!


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  4. What an interesting post, Daphne. I love the two-layer idea. The jelly looks ethereal and substantial at the same time. I am intrigued by the choice of ingredients. I recently made panna cotta using gelatin, but I want to try again using agar. Thank you so much for contributing to the event.


  5. It sounds refreshing. I must admit this is the first I’ve heard of nata de coco and will have to look for it. I’ve got the agar, but have only used it once to make little flavored pearls for garnish.


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