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Cheese Twists

Oh a quick idea for left over puff pastries. Cutting the pastries into quarters, I sprinkled some cheese, rolled it up and twist it.

It’s like the old song “twist it..shake it shake it shake it baby”!

Cheese Twists (I made around 4 of them)
1 puff pastry defrosted
3/4 cup of cheese
sprinkle of paprika

Preheat Oven 200C. Quarter puff pastry, sprinkle cheese and paprika. Roll and twist. Song and dance optional.



9 thoughts on “Cheese Twists”

  1. tigerfish-thanks!! little corner- it’s a quick treat.rita- hehe, no problems! I am sure u can think of many ways to “Twist” it further. babe_KL- You as well!Aimei- U too!!


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