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Home Made Mango Ice Cream

ooo… Hubby bought me a Cusinart Ice Cream maker for Christmas! Yeah! What a cool appliance to have. Soon after opening up the package, I realised that the main thing that an ice cream maker does is to churn cream into a thicker substance.

Indeed it is a good present as due to my lactose sensitivity, it is getting harder to eat store bought ice cream unless it is soy or gelato/sorbet. I can consume small quantities but not a whole bowl. Timely plus a new toy for me to play with.

The first time I made mango ice-cream, I used yogurt and the result was an ice cream that has a watery texture. I think perhaps I should try greek yogurt for my next attempt in yogurt ice-cream. This one though, I used Philadelphia cooking cream which has 60% less fat than normal cream. The result was a much creamier ice-cream.

Gotto scoop and eat it up quick though- it melts quickly!

Mango Ice-cream (Serves 3-4)
1 cup of soy milk
2 cups of philadelphia cooking cream
1/2 cup of sugar
1 mango cut up in tiny cubes

Whisk milk, cream and sugar till well combined. Pour into freezer bowl of ice-cream maker and start churning. Add mango cubes in the last 5 minutes of the 30 minutes cycle. Spoon into container and freeze for additional 2 hours+. Serve and enjoy healthy, natural ice cream.

Submitting this to Sugar High Friday. This week it is hosted by Zoe with the theme Grain Free!! 



15 thoughts on “Home Made Mango Ice Cream”

  1. SIG- hehe, not very ex.. $99 from Matchbox. We wanted red but out of stock but orange is growing on me. Thanks! changed in Dec.. still work in progress with links and stuff. Little corner- hehe, thanks ching! I need to take time with photography and as u can see, it was a little dim that time.


  2. look so delicious!! love mango ice cream!! maybe you can use soy milk,if yogurt is too watery..I have an old ice cream machine belonged to my MIL but I’m too lazy to unwrapped and wash..hmmm…maybe after winter I can try to use it..


  3. wow!what a thoughtful gift, guess we will be seeing more ice creams soon. this looks simply irresistible, what is philadephia cooking cream by the way?


  4. I want my own ice cream maker!!! I’m off to the US next month, and I can only buy one cooking gadget for my kitchen – an ice cream maker, a bread machine, a Le Creusset… I wonder what I should get. The ice cream looks so tempting!!!


  5. My Asian kitchen-Yeah! I used soy milk too.. think it is the wrong kind of yogurt when i first made it. Scientist- oH yeah, i feel your pain. I love my bread machine a few years ago and loved it!!!! Babe-KL- nooo..take it out take it out!!Joanne- ;)Little Inbox- hehhee, try it! it’s fun!


  6. I must say, i’m quite surprised by the smoothness of home made ice cream! Certainly beats the store bought ones, and dare I say, even the premium ones!!-hubby


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