Mango Coconut Agar Agar/Jelly

During hot summer days, I crave for something sweet and light. I used Agar Agar powder which makes this a firm jelly. Mangoes are in season- and this year, it’s at abundance and at great prices as well (HUGE mango for AU$6-enough to fit one family with one mango!).

Grandma will be coming to Perth with us this year. I’m so excited! Maybe I will be able to learn more recipes off her. She taught me how to make Coffee Agar Agar. I’m hoping I have a chance to learn more desserts off her- such as Baked Milk Pudding and so forth.

I’m also reminding myself to keep this recipe handy. It’s quick and it is a good dessert for people who are lactose sensitive or intolerant (like myself).

Mango Coconut Agar Agar
1 packet of Agar agar powder (think it is 13grms)
750 ltres water
200 grams sugar 
6 pieces pandan leaves tie in a knot (My pandan leaves were frozen but if you have fresh, try using 3-4 leaves)
1 mango cut into tiny cubes (hubby’s role)
300 ml lite coconut milk

Dissolve sugar, water , agar agar powder in a pot. Add tied pandan leaves. Boil for 10-15 mins. Remove leaves.
Turn to low heat and add coconut milk. Remove when it bubbles. Add mango cubes to pot. Pour mixture into jelly moulds. Leave to cool. Chill for at least 1 hr.


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