DOM Steamed Chicken

My grandmother will be proud of me with this post. She bought me 2 big bottles of DOM which still sits in my laundry cupboard, hardly used. I read Little Corner’s post on Dom with Salmon a while back and suddenly realised what potential DOM has that is sitting at the back of the cupboard! I dusted it, took it out, and da tuh, instantly, it became my friend in the kitchen.

Marinating some chicken with sesame oil and soy sauce with a dash of  DOM and pepper. I steamed it with ginger and soaked re hydrated wood fungus. The result was a light and nourishing dinner. I used chicken thigh meat given that I usually have less than 30 mins to create a meal and meat with bones would have taken too much time. Served with rice and some veges, it was such a comfort meal! I even added an extra dash of DOM after I steamed it!

Edit: Dom or benedictine DOM is a herbal liquor beverage. For more information about DOM check out here and here
DOM Steamed Chicken (Serves 4)

400 grams chicken thigh meat chopped
1 knob of ginger sliced
1/4 cup of DOM (+extra)
1 tsp seasme oil
2 tablespoon of soya sauce
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 cup of re hydrated wood fungus trimmed and washed

Marinate chicken with sesame oil, DOM, sauces and pepper. Arrange on heat proof dish. Prepare wok/deep pan for steaming. Place ginger and wood fungus on chicken. Steam for 20 mins or so. Keeping the pan covered. Wait for 10 mins before lifting dish out. Dash of DOM on the chicken. Serve with rice and veges.

12 thoughts on “DOM Steamed Chicken”

  1. little inbox- yeah! looking for more dishes to use DOM in as wellmocha- u should! it’s good for you =) ruthie- hehee,will use some wolfberries next time!sonia-yeah! =) joanne- it’s a kind of liquor. Will alter my post to include a link on what it is. little corner- ya! so true..and so wasteful sitting in a corner. cynthia- post altered to include what is DOMtigerfish- yes! my family drinks a little of it to sleep better too.


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  3. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know how DOM tastes like. 😛 But I love boozy dishes and this steamed chicken dish of yours makes me drool!


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