Cheats Pandan Cake

Oh so I resorted to using a cake mix for Pandan chiffon cake. One day I will have the guts to make it from scratch but I argue that we all have to start somewhere…..  This is more of an ease and curiosity since I have noticed the packet in our local oriental store for years.

The brand that I used was Primamix and surprisingly, the final result was close but not a winner yet. It does have a pandan taste but it lacks the chiffon or soft cottony feel of the cake. It could be my fault as well as I do not owe a chiffon cake tin-just a fluted one.  Hubby was satisfied though and best of all, it was cheaper than getting the whole cake. All I needed was 6 eggs and a cake mix….

5 thoughts on “Cheats Pandan Cake”

  1. Hi dear, I’ve tried this but i didn’t like it too much too. In fact, I just made from scratch one this morning and it turned out horrid, same as my previous 2 other recipes I tried, so I have totally given up on chiffon cakes. It’s so much cheaper to buy and more yummy.


  2. noobcook- hehehe, i am waiting to hear your experience with the cake mix =) Sig- noooo dont give up… i havent have the guts to try chiffon cakes yet! LOL U r already one step ahead of me =) Little corner- sharp eyes Ching! Yes, it was a birthday gift from a friend in Germany. It slices and serves..the only thing is that it is a very small slice and serve! LOLRita- that’s because u lucky girl! u have access to Maxim! 😉


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