Simple Comforts- Ham and Egg Roll

So I like to go simple sometimes  nearly all the time. After church, AR asked me “sooo..what’s for lunch?” In reply, I bought bread rolls.. and said “Ham and Egg roll!”  Nothing pretentious about it, just a good old classic that is cheap to make. Besides, how can one resist the gooey egg yolk running down the bread roll?

Ok, so I jazzed up the burger by adding a slice of cheese and some chutney on it. Spicy Mango Chutney to be exact. Abit of tang on a usual ham and egg roll. Toasted of course. I like my sandwiches abit on the crisp side.

oh oh! and look at how sexy the yolk is. I couldn’t help but give it a light poke….

Ham and Egg Roll  (Serves 2) 

5 slices of honey baked ham 
2 eggs-pan fried sunny side up 
2 slices of cheese
1 tablespoon of spicy mango chutney on each
2 bread roll-toasted halves

Grill half a bread roll with the cheese. Top with ham and the chutney. Place egg on top. Serve with side salad

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