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Carmelised Pineapple with Banana and Grande Ice cream

Sometimes, the simplest sweets is enough to “finish” off a meal. If someone ever asks me if I have a preference between savory or sweet foods, I will have difficulty answering that. Truth is that I like both!

Pineapples are in season and boy…are they sweet. I wonder what did they add into this season’s crop of pineapples?!?! We have been having 1 or 2 pineapples every week. 

And Woolworths was having a sale on Connoisseur ice cream -$4 a tub! Seriously good stuff. I bought AR the Cafe Grande and it even has choc coated peanuts folded through the ice-cream. 

So I decided to jazz his ice-cream up a little more but caramelizing pieces of pineapples that was coated with brown sugar. Ah….. the sauce, the pineapple, the ice-cream.. what not to love spring?


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