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Spring Bacon and Vege Soup

Spring doesn’t mean less soups! Well, almost. I couldn’t resist this one though. It has heaps of vegetables in it which I love! Peas, bacon, carrots and potatoes-what not to like? 😉

It’s such a quick soup to whip up. Perfect for our friday night meals. This was made in under 20 minutes, and a great way to use up vegetables left over in the fridge.

Spring Bacon and Vege Soup (serves 4)

150 grams lean bacon chopped
1 red chili chopped
1 red capsicum chopped
2 cups of peas
2 carrots chopped
2 potato chopped
1 ltre of vegetable stock
Spring onions chopped to garnish 

Saute lean bacon. Add veges and stock. Bring it to boil. Taste and season. Ladle and serve with some spring onions!

Thank you Kahakai Kitchen for hosting this event. Given my love of soups, I was sooo happy to stumble upon Souper Sundays! This is my first entry- and most definitely not my last!!


4 thoughts on “Spring Bacon and Vege Soup”

  1. Thanks so much for sending in your soup to Souper Sundays Daphne! It looks delicious–of course loving the bacon. 😉 The round up is now posted and I hope to have you back again soon.Aloha,Deb


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