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Presto Pasta #174

What I love most about pasta and noodles is how versatile and flexible they are. And nearly every culture has its own version of it. I grew up slurping soup noodles and I’m pretty sure, there will be some other little girl out there, slurping a version of it somewhere on the othe. r side of the world. It may be shaped like a spaghetti, or baked in oven. Or perhaps soaked in kimchi in Korea. Either way, there is one version that someone WILL enjoy.

Without further ado… I bring you the PASTA PARTY OF THE WEEK…

 yummy pasta!

A fresh way to start the ball rolling, Catherine from Living The Gourmet fetches some fresh veges from her garden and came up with a brilliant Fresh Garden Veges with Pasta. Surely one will be jealous of her garden!

Next we have Claire from Chez Cayenne, who brought us this amazing looking Lasagna Bolognese. I agree with her that red wine is the key secret for rich sauce base! Would you also believe that this is vegetarian?

Joanne presents us with this fresh looking dish from Eats Well with Others. Fresh is the flavour for today’s presto pasta. I could nearly smell the sunshine from here. Linguine with Raw Tomato Sauce features fresh tasting tomatoes, olives and basil. The best bit-fresh means more vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Sherra from Our Taste of life shares her version of Stir-fried Hongkong Yee Foo Mee with Shrimps and Vegetables. I like how the sprinkle of cashew nuts will create such texture to this dish. Most of all, it has heaps more veges, far less oil than the take out Yee Foo Mee for sure.

Another fresh summer dish! Denise from Oh Taste and See shares with us the secret of  Pasta Ponza– fresh grape tomatoes. Nothing more summer than tomatoes, cheese and pasta for sure!

Fresh tomatoes are certainly in season! Stash from The Spamwise Chronicles (dont you love the name?) allow the tomatoes shine in this dish. Penne with uncooked heirloom tomato sauce feature ultra fresh tomatoes and heaps of heaps. Summer is calling!

Next we have something slightly different! Anna from Morsels and Musing created  Tahnaboor & Mante (Armenian Yoghurt Soup w Chicken & Pistachio Dumplings). Just the look of the dumplings filled with goodness makes me drool!

Reeni  from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice whipped up this quick Lemon Ricotta Penne with Yellow Squash– YUM! Love how she said it! “Sunshine on a plate!”

Next we have this awesome looking pasta salad from Debbi. Her blog Debbie Does Dinner features really healthy meals! Low calaries! My kind of thing. This dish has bacon (Hey, healthy means balance right?). Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Pasta Salad sounds so much like our BLT sandwich but heaps better.

and finally, my comfort of the day-  Black Bean Soba Noodles Soup.

Hope I didn’t miss anyone else! Do drop me an email if that is the case =)  

Great Carbolicious party peeps!!! Next week send your entries to the founder herself! Ruth from Once Upon a Feast  ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com!


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