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Long/Snake Bean Omelette

There is something about eggs and long beans that gets me excited. Two such simple ingredients, but one that I always look forward to when Grandma makes it.

We weren’t well to do then, and I recall having rice porridge for lunch every single week day of the year (except for school holidays, which we have a grand total of FOUR meals of rice porridge during the week-we have wan tan mee instead on the other day!). Oh, and of course, having dace fish with rice for dinner.

It was one of those days that grandma made long/Snake bean omelette. 

Grandma was always look out of ways to make me eat more veges (now, I’m the one nagging her to buy the extra bunch when I’m back). Chopped finely, it provided the additional crunch when bitting into a soft, oozy omelette.

If only these veges are in season every week!

Long/Snake Bean Omelette
5 eggs
1/4 cup of milk (I use soy milk)
1 bunch of snake beans-chopped finely
seasoning (pinch of salt and white pepper)

 Lightly whisk egg with milk. Season with some pepper.
 Heat pan with a little oil. Saute chopped snake beans for around 3-4 minutes. Add eggs. Cook till set. Turn off heat. Let it sit for a while. Season with salt. Serve with rice.


4 thoughts on “Long/Snake Bean Omelette”

  1. comfort food! When I was young, mum used to cook this too and serve with plain porridge. Simple yet delicious. This is one of the many simple pleasures of life.


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