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Chorizo and Halloumi Cheese Skewers

Edited on 13th of April:

Another inspiration from Donna Hay Mag. This time, this was from the recent issue “50 fast dinners” (I think it was March?). A simple side dish that our guests loved. She calls it the “Squeaky cheese” -Halomi of course! Certainly, I love this when it is grilled up and served with a side of lemon. Ahh.. simple eats in life!

Halloumi Cheese is made of a mixture of goats and sheep’s milk. It has a different texture to other cheese and could hold its shape when grilled (higher melting point). I don’t think it resembles any other cheese- except that it is a hard cheese and not a soft one like brie. 

Chorizo and Halmomi Skewers (made around 6)
1 Chorizo sliced
around 50 grams of Halomi Cheese chopped in cubes.

bamboo skewers soaked in hot water.

Skewer these babies up, grill them and serve with lemon! Simple as!

This week, I am hosting PRESTO PASTA! Come and join us as we celebrate another week of creative pasta dishes. Don’t be shy!  Send me an email at daphnesu16(at)yahoo(dot)com for all your entries.


9 thoughts on “Chorizo and Halloumi Cheese Skewers”

  1. Thanks doggybloggy =) babe_kl! Yeah, wonder if KL has it?Peachkins- =)Precious pea-haha. bet that bbq is full of great food too. tigerfish- i edited the post!


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