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The adventures of the Thosai Part 2

Many readers will recall reading my flipping woes. If that is one kitchen skill that I would like to master better, is FLIPPING!

So nearly 1.5 years later, I plucked up my courage and decided to try flipping thosai again. Our vegetarian guest who is Malaysian will probably appreciate a dish similar to street food in Malaysia I thought.

First take- Batter was too thick!

Second take- Batter was in good consistency but I turned it too soon and it broke.

After 20 tries later…

I have ONE decent looking one

that have a few cracks in it.. but at least it resembles a soft version of thosai (Although I was aiming for a crips one 😦 )

Of course..I served it with vegetable curry!

At least the curry was good! (thanks to A1 curry paste.. ;p)


7 thoughts on “The adventures of the Thosai Part 2”

  1. ugh i can never appreciate thosai, its so sourish and they always go with some kind of milky sauce like yoghurt. suprisingly tho’ i like all other kinds of indian flatbreads like pappadums, naan, prata 😀


  2. I love thosai and that looks yummy to me! So does the curry! May I ask which A1 curry paste you use? There are so many different brand of A1 curry paste in the market?! Thanks.


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