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Baked Nien Gao

So this is an awfully late post- given that CNY was over more than one month ago! To add to the lateness, I spotted this recipe in 2008 by Little Corner. Two years later, I finally digged out the recipe that I printed and saved in my folder. It was one recipe that I kicked myself for not trying earlier- because it is dead easy and certainly a good talking point when we bought it to celebratory gatherings.

One batch certainly yields enough for heaps and heaps of people. I split mine into two serves and brought it to TWO gatherings. Talk about saving time and effort huh? ;p

My mother-in-law asked me over the phone what did I bring to one of our family gatherings (My father in law’s cousins). I proudly said “Nien Gao!” which she replied “now that is an interesting dish to bring!” Phew.. I thought I nearly failed the “daughter in law test” given that we regretfully did not manage to return to Malaysia for our first CNY as a married couple. In fact, I felt like I have failed the “best granddaughter” test too when I had to tell my grandmother the same thing in Singapore. Though they understand, one cannot deny the pain that I felt when I heard the disappointment in our parents and grandmother’s voices.

So hopefully we will be back next year!

ps- recipe from Lin.


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