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Salmon Carrot Potato Cakes

Having one left over salmon fillet the other night, I decided to mixed it up and make some potato cakes for dinner the next night. For some reason, small sized food is really appealing to me these days. Maybe it means less guilt while I take an extra bite of the mini sized food?

This time round, I mashed potato using chicken stock instead of milk or spread. While it wasn’t as creamy, it certainly has the flavour to go with it. Just a twist of a traditional easy to make dish I suppose!

Salmon Carrot Potato Cakes 

2 potatoes chopped, boiled and mashed with chicken stock.
1 salmon fillet grilled and flaked. Can also use canned salmon.
1 grated carrot 
1 tablespoon of corn flour
Seasoning- I used a mixed of pepper, salt and chili flakes! 

Mashed everything up, shape into patties and then pan fry it. Serve with salad.


5 thoughts on “Salmon Carrot Potato Cakes”

  1. YAY! to simple and nutrituous seafood. Hubby stopped taking chicken and pork 2 weeks ago due to some health problems, and my NIGHTMARE started ….. the few dishes that i know how to cook is everything chicken!!


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