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The German Version of Sukiyaki

My version of Sukiyaki is meat cooked on the table in a simple clear broth. Traveling to Germany recently to see our lovely friends, our host welcomed us with his specialty- his version of sukiyaki. Haz’s father-in law is an awesome cook-and I was staring at the precise way of him cutting up the veges, clearing the kitchen and then cooking this dish up. As it was below 0degrees, you can imagine how warm this dish feels to our tummies. Seriously yummy. 
As he cooked, he told us how he traveled to Japan in his younger days to be with his then girl friend. Alas, the relationship did not work out but he came back to Germany with this dish that he cooks for his family. 
We ate from the pan at his home-made dinning table. No kidding, they sand and build their dinning table from scratched. It was such a heart warming experience-we ate with gusto and laughter. 
Coming back to Australia, I made this dish with the memory of us eating at his table with love. 
The German Version of Sukiyaki   
1 leek sliced and washed
red onion sliced 
2 carrots sliced 
2 cups of chopped mushrooms 
4-5 shitake mushrooms re-hydrated and sliced
2-3 cups of bean sprouts washed
2 portions of noodles 
slice beef thinly 
around 3-4 tablespoon of soya
2-3 tablespoon of white pepper (oh yeah!) 
2-3 tsp of sugar 
2-3 tablespoon of mirin. 
2-3 cups of water/stock
fresh eggs 
Cook leeks and onions till soft. Add mushrooms and cook till soft. Add all seasoning and water. Simmer and boil.Break noodles and cook till it becomes soft. Add beef (by this time, the water should be boiling so it will only takes 2 mins for the beef to cook). Put in bean sprouts and toss gently through. 
Break a fresh egg into each bowl. Scramble it slightly. 
Dig into the pan with your chopsticks and dish noodles on your bowl.  Eat it steaming hot!
Sending this with my love to Presto Pasta created by Ruth Daniels! This is a special week for Presto Pasta- 150 posts! WOOHOO! Hosted by Susan from The Well-Season Cook

13 thoughts on “The German Version of Sukiyaki”

  1. Babe- hehe! ya! it’s so heart warming isnt it! Tigerfish- hehe, the german touch is that a german was cooking it.LOLhey guys! Happy new year too! Joanne- how true!


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