Classic Bacon, Egg and Tomato (BET) Toasted Sandwich

The Aussies love their BLT-Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Simple and classic. What I prefer though, is to fry up some lean bacon, a runny fried egg together with tomatoes on fresh turkish bread. Simple yet classic- I call it the BET (Bacon, Egg and Tomato!) toastie. :p

Love our Sunday lunches!

Bacon Egg Tomato (BET) Toasted Sandwich
Lean bacon (I used weight watchers)
2-3 roma tomato sliced
Turkish bread.

Fry up some bacon and keep warm. Mean time, fry eggs till cooked but egg has not set.
Toast bread. 

Arrange bread with tomato, bacon and egg. Squeeze some bbq sauce over it. Dig in!

6 thoughts on “Classic Bacon, Egg and Tomato (BET) Toasted Sandwich”

  1. I love a fried egg sandwich! Growing up, we used to call them “dip-it-in” eggs, because the yolk was runny and you could dip the bread in it. I never add anything to the bread other than mayo, though. I’m liking the addition of tomato and bacon. Yum


  2. I’m not actually a big fan of lettuce, so your special BET is more than a welcome change to the traditional BLT! :DAnd that shot of the egg scandalously revealing the bacon and tomato beneath it? Oh la la. 😉


  3. Amy- I love to dip bread into the egg yolk too! simple pleasures in life isnt it? Ching- love it too!noobcook- hehe oh yeah!Kenny- It is a sexy sandwich isnt it? anything with egg yolk on bread is sexy i say!Gabriella- thank you for your kind words! come back for more =)


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