Need Help- Any good Honey Cornflake Bars Recipes?

Help! Calling all readers- I am looking for a good recipes for Honey Cornflake Bars.

You see, I thought I found the one in my Womens Weekly’s Biscuits and Bar recipe book. But it turns out to be oily and and not the least crisp. This one is filled with really bad stuff like corn syrup, peanut butter and rice bubbles.

I brought that to a gathering and that wasn’t even finished! 😦 Very sad. 

I recall making this in my Home Econs class-and it wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was GOOD.  The recipe has since gone and I would really like to bring a little nostagia back to the home kitchen.

Any one? Perhaps even a honey joy recipe? A good one?


3 thoughts on “Need Help- Any good Honey Cornflake Bars Recipes?”

  1. i used to make cornflake cups quite a bit – just melting honey + butter over the stove and adding slightly crushed cornflakes tot eh mix, spoon into baby cupcake cups and wait for it to set….


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