I’m BACK!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hubby and I started the new year with a bang. Well, not exactly… we were in Paris and needing to take the flight back early next morning, we decided to spend the night in our little hotel room facing the Eiffel Tower of course.

Yes! We usher in the new year with Macarons and Isaphans from Laduree and Pierre Hermes. Not forgetting a mini bottle of champagne and mini croissant.

Our greatest find in Paris would be MACARONS. Gorgeous delicious little ones.

From a tea salon at Laduree to hard to find boutique of Pierre Hermes, we are proud to say we found it! And through walking along the streets of Paris.

My verdicit? Totally in love with Pierre Hermes. Hit and miss with Laduree. The unique flavours that Pierre Hermes carry is amazing- from white truffles to chestnuts- Texture of it has a crisp outer shell with very moist innards. Laduree is much sweeter and lesser innards.

What won me over, however was the way staff handled the macarons. I arrived on busy days- New Year’s Eve and the day before that to both boutiques. The queues were long. I saw staff at Laduree handled macarons roughly- one staff broke 2 macarons in front of me. Same situation at Pierre Hermes, but all staff handled pastries gently.

On the flight back to Singapore, many Singaporeans were sighted carrying the famous LV paper bags… I proudly went up the plane with my Pierre Hermes paper back filled with treats!

Other treats in Paris include my all time favourite Chestnut filled Crepes. Wonderful  aroma filled the air of the streets of Paris- or in our case, we had ours near to the Lourve Museum and along the streets of St Michel.

Our last stop of our trip was Paris. All in all, we went to Copenhagen, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Koln (Cologne), Zurich and Bern for a stop over on our way to Interlaken, Geneva and to the full of surprises Paris.

We had the most amazing time ever- the only negative was when we had to cancel our trip to Amsterdam due to the snow storm-well we did pray for snow and boy did God deliver!

So back to work for me… but no fear, I have more food posts up my sleeves…and of course an update of our never ending kitchen renovations….

13 thoughts on “I’m BACK!!!!”

  1. sounds like you had an amazing time – so envious…..anyway, miss you while you were gone, and so happy to have you back (miss your simple recipes too, hehe)happy (belated) 2010! here’s hoping that it will be filled with lots of joy, peace and happiness.


  2. I came back to wish you a Happy New Year, but I see you’ve got sorted đŸ™‚ Glad (and a little envious) that you had such an amazing holiday. Hope 2010 is a as fabulous for you as 2009 was… better, actually!


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