Horseradish Beef Wrap and Indian Chick Pea Salad

As the weather gets warmer, you can see that my posts on wraps increased exponentially. Truth is that I find wraps really easy to prepare. Besides, they are usually low carb and filling. Where do I get my inspirations from? Usually from lunch bars or cafes where they serve up gourmet recipes for $14 a sandwich. I like to take a peak into what they put into there and re-create in our home kitchen.

I have never used horseradish cream before and have only had a hint of it in a sandwich some time back. Keen to experiment, I bought a tiny jar and thought of pairing it with roast beef.

Not knowing how pungent it was, I put a generous spread on quite a few wraps. OH MY GOODNESS. It stings on the tongue. Eventually, both hubby and I had to scrap some of the horseradish off our wraps. Having said that, I love the combination of roast sliced beef with the horseradish cream + salad. Totally delish and “gourmet” …again.

The chickpea salad is an adaptation of my previous version.  What changed was that I toasted mustard seeds and the spices with some olive oil before tossing the chickpea through. That little step actually made the salad tastes more roburst, the flavors seem to blend in better.

Horseradish Beef Wrap and Indian Chick Pea Salad

1 packet (around 100 grams of roast beef slices)
horseradish sauce
2 cups of baby spinach leaves
crumbed feta cheese

Place some spinach leaves on choice of wrap. Place 2 slice of roast beef (You can use left over roast beef if you have some instead of store bought packets) on leaves. Spread a tiny amount of horseradish cream on the beef and sprinkle with crumbed feta. Wrap up, toast and serve with chickpeas salad or your choice of salad.

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