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Carrot Fritters

Remember my recent post on my BIG bag of carrots dilemma? Well, turns out that I grated WAY too much carrot for our carrot cake too! So I decided to make fritters instead!

With no recipe in hand, and totally random…I mixed up a few batches of this with egg, flour, water and lots of seasoning. Surprise surprise, it tasted quite good with some mayo and bbq sauce.

One thing I do enjoy about these fritters is that it is super healthy-with all the vitamin A we consumed using the carrots.

Carrot Fritters (around 16 fritters)

1 generous cup of shredded carrot
1 cup of flour
3 eggs
1 cup of water
pepper and salt

Mix it all up. Heat fry pan with a little oil. Dollop mixture into pan. Flip and serve warm with mayo and bbq sauce.

ps-I love the bright orange!


9 thoughts on “Carrot Fritters”

  1. oh these look great! but its funny to read fritters + super healthy along the same line hehe.anyway its great to hv caught up a little over MSN yesterday. we almost never do that at all! really hope to chat with u soon (read : more frequently) in future 😀


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