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Garlic Pepper Steak

Rarely do we have a “Meat and vege” dinner. Just the thought of having a big chunk of meat as a meal does not appeal to me that much. It does however appeal to the hubby-so when he requested steak for dinner, I gave in.

I marinated these sirloin steaks with some garlic powder, mixed herbs and lots of freshly grounded cracked pepper. The result was one tasty yummy steak-and it didn’t costs us AU$30 either! The potatoes were over baked with olive oil and mixed herbs- I didn’t have the time to leave it in the oven abit longer for it to become crisp.

Garlic Pepper Steak  

Sirloin Steak (I rubbed in some freshly grind sea salt and left it for around 10 mins. Rinse then pat dry)
2 generous tsp of garlic powder
2 tsp of mixed herbs
freshly grind black pepper.
1 tsp of olive oil

Rub oil, herbs, garlic powder and black pepper onto meat. Preheat grill pan to very hot. Grill each side for around 3 minutes or cook till your liking.


10 thoughts on “Garlic Pepper Steak”

  1. Paul would marry me all over again if I just cooked a steak, without any fancy sauce, or cut up into cubes, or wrapped in some pastry, etc. Just a steak. With a side of veggies – maybe I should send him over to you!


  2. Noobcook-yes. It’s so rare that I cook a steak too..maybe that is why I appreciate it more then! LOLJoe- actually no, it actually acts as a tenderiser without drawing out. The key is to use Sea Salt and to rinse it out. =) Amy- hehee.. Men and their meat!


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