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Red Bean and Logan Sweet Soup

Time just seem to slip by so quickly. Last week we were in Sydney for 4 days and what a great experience it was.

Max Brenners

Lindt Chocolate

Who can resist Pancakes on the Rocks!

The only regret is that we did not manage to try Guylian Cafe.

While having dinner yesterday, we were reflecting on our very young 6 months of married life. What have we learned, how “prepared” we thought we were but truth be told, being married is joyous BUT hard work. I told hubby that I have learned how to take my responsibility as a wife seriously-doing my best to put family first and of course, learning how to be more patient and to hold my tongue.

His version was:

“I learned that I need plan ahead and how to look after you…especially your late nights at work.”

So I thought. “That’s so sweet!”

then he said:

“Like for example, if I plan ahead what kind of dessert to prepare for you, that brings a smile to your face and you will be happy. But if i don’t then you seem to get easily stressed and I get into trouble.”

me: “….”

No wait..there is more.

He said: “What I have learned is that bubble tea will make you happy. Oh, and if I plan ahead and make you almond jelly (From the packet) and cut some mangoes, that makes you happier.. but if I buy hot grass jelly, that is up a few notches happy. My struggle is finding a dessert that is low in fat!”

and he ended with

“I wish I learned that the first 3 months of marriage so that we can be even happier!”

Words of a wise husband. =)

Even I did not realise how a tiny thing like dessert can be pivotal in having a good evening ahead. The hubby said that he realized what hard long days I have at work and the least he could do is to prepare something sweet so that I can look forward to it when I come back. Also, I haven’t have much of an appetite for dinner these days so he thought he could feed some sugar in me-that should count as some nutrients right? LOL

From that conversation, it also made me realize how many more marriage books I have to read to curb my tongue, leave my work behind when I lock the car door and concentrate on being a wife and partner.

(here is one dessert I made one Sunday afternoon that lasted us for a few days- Bet Hubby was relieved that he didnt have to think of a dessert for a few days at least! LOL)

Red Bean Logan Sweet Soup

2-3 cups of red bean soaked over night.
4-5 bowls of water
100 grams of gula melaka or if you can’t find it brown sugar
30 grams of dried logans washed

Boil water and add sugar till dissolved. Put red beans and logans in pot over medium heat and simmer for around 40 minutes. Stir constantly. Cook till beans become soft. Taste test to see if it is sweet enough. Ladle and serve hot or cold.


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