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Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

I recall the days when my friends and I attend evening maths tuition. We usually end class at around 9:30pm and then we will head downstairs to the shopping centre in hope to grab some cheap Japanese souffle cheesecake. Sometimes, we score-and even get a few free pieces (we think the girl who sold the cheesecake had a crush on our tutor! ;p)

While I have always want to attempt this at home, I usually pushed that at the back of my mind thinking that it is a)too hard, 2)too many egg whites involved and 3) I will probably be the only person consuming such a high calorie cheesecake!

Well, I was wrong on all three counts. This recipe is dead easy and results in an ultra smooth and velvety cheesecake. Oh, I used Philadelphia 80% fat free cream cheese which is one of the lowest fat content of cream cheese one can obtain in AussieLand. Not bad hey.

Thanks to Aimei from Baking Cottage for this wonderful inspiration! Check out her blog for the recipe.


13 thoughts on “Japanese Souffle Cheesecake”

  1. daphne this cake is so plump and luscious its hard to believe – married a few months and your level of relaxation is showing(its a good thing) I only hope A doesnt get too fat…LOL


  2. great… it looks as good as using cream cheese… I’ll definitely try this lower fat version, though not sure whether over here stock up these fat free Philadelphia cheese. πŸ™‚


  3. Precious Pea- Aww thanks! Icook4fun-Thanks!little inbox- it is really easy! hope u will hv fun trying it. doggybloggy- LOL I have to let A know abt that. Kenny- I agree! that is my chance to indulge a little toonoobcook- haha. I think u underestimate yourself! Your cooks always look awesome!Rita- Try try!Aimei-YA! I think it is harder to find it in SG. Little Corner- =)


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