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Thai Fish Cakes

Lone and I have been university mates for a looong time. Both of us had the same supervisor at Uni, shared our frustrations about our thesis work, share the same office/lab space-had cries over coffee about our lost data, laughed about our life and partners and shared similar taste in food (We love our carrot cake!). Lone even attended our wedding in Perth and Singapore.

Upon completion of her PhD, Lone decided to head back to Denmark to pursue further opportunities and to be closer to her partner. So in my sadness, I asked if she could come by for a Sunday lunch… a farewell lunch.

I chose to make Thai fish cakes because I recall our love for fish, healthy and quick food at uni. Nothing as hard as blending some snapper fillets with chives, red curry paste, corn flour and egg together.

Thai Fish Cakes
300-400 grams fish fillets
15 prawns cutlets
2 tablespoon of Thai red curry paste
1 bunch of chives chopped
1 egg
2-3 tablespoon of cornflour

Whiz everything together. Fridge it overnight. Shape in patties and pan fry. Serve with salad.

Having said all this, Lone- I miss you and I know we will meet very soon in cold wintery Denmark! =)


8 thoughts on “Thai Fish Cakes”

  1. u know daph, i always shun away from recipes that use fish coz in sg most fish names are either in chinese or malay and i dunno what they are! the only fish i’m familiar with are salmon & cod. sometimes recipes call for barramundi or white fish fillet i dunno where to get them 😦 u think i can use frozen ones?


  2. skinny mum- I think u r already a super mum and wife by reading your posts!! =)Evan- That’s so true- it is rare that I use fish too. Usually I use frozen ones because it is rare to get real fresh and reasonably priced seafood here… Little inbox- and simple too!Rita- hm..good idea! I think it may be less crisp but give it a go!noobcook-thanks!Amy-I wish i hv some lemongrass to give it that real extra kick too..and birds eye chili!


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