Hummus Dip

You know my love for our food processor. One other handy thing that I can now do is to make dips! Freshly made dips and pesto will not be a hassle anymore. Hummus is made out of chickpeas and sesame paste. It’s a real treat as a dip or even as a spread. I know of some recipes that pair hummus with grilled lamb as well. One reason why I like hummus is because of it’s nutty taste! Oh, and not forgetting that this is probably one of the healthier alternatives to other sorts of oily dips or spreads.

1 can of chickpeas (or 1 cup of dried chickpea soaked overnight)
2-3 tablespoon of sesame paste (Tahini)
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1-2 tablespoon of olive oil

Whiz everything together. Do a taste test and adjust seasoning accordingly. Serve with water crackers or as a spread.

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