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Sticky Date Pudding

The only reason why I have not posted this recipe up despite making it for the past 3-4 years is that I just can’t take a decent photo out of it! grr…

This is still the best sticky date pudding recipe that I have tried. It’s gooey, sticky (duh!) and the right amount of sweetness.

Now, I just have to master the art of phototaking…

Sticky Date Pudding

280 grams dried dates
450 ml water
1 tsp bicarb soda
100 grams butter
200 grams caster sugar
275grams self raising flour

160 grams brown sugar
250 ml cream
200 grams butter

Pre heat oven to 180C.

Bring dates and water in saucepan to boil. Mix in bicarb soda and cool.

Cream butter and sugar till pale. Add eggs. Sift in flour. Add date mixture and vanilla and mix well. Pour into large rectangular ceramic dish and bake for around 30 minutes.

To make sauce: Put sugar, cream and butter in a pan over medium heat. Mix till well combined and smooth. Bring to boil,. remove from heat and cool.

Pour sauce over pudding. Return to the oven for around 5 more mins. Serve with ice-cream.

ps- i always ended up with too much sauce so I just reserve it and use it for other cakes or ice-cream.

pps- I like to make this when invited to dinner parties because it can easily feed around 15 people!


8 thoughts on “Sticky Date Pudding”

  1. I have never tried pouring the sauce over the pudding and placing it back to the oven. Might try this! I recently tried the recipe from Masterchef Australia. It’s great, so moist. I have the link on my blog.


  2. Hi Charmine!! Welcome =) Oh yeah! I love master chef too. the recipe stated there and here is pretty much the same except I use less brown sugar. I took this recipe from Better Homes and Garden (quite some time ago too).Dhanggit- haha. You rock Dhanggit!


  3. I think I’ve mentioned my love of figs and dates? If not, I’m tell you now!You could try and take some shots outside in the natural light – that’s what helps me. BUT, I think your pictures look yummy. I sure want some of this!


  4. doggbloggy- love your tips! thanks.Evan- u got to try it! Make it in smaller moulds for better presentation just that i dont have that many moulds..or the patience! Amy- hahha, i stay in an old hse with limited lights! *Sign* traciemoo-thanks!!! woohoo!


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