Pear and Chocolate Sticky Date Pudding

The flu bug is nearly conquered now. I’m feeling much’s great to be able to be up and abouts! Woohoo. Life’s little luxuries. Being in bed for more than 2 days can make a person feel sad!

Every morning, I try to start my day by thanking the blessings I have. It’s a little harder when the sky is grey and sick in bed (plus hubby working long hours in bid to finish this HUGE project that he has) but counting blessings does help to take “poor me” out of the equation and to enjoy more of life.

Some blessings I’m counting
1) A roof and warm bed to be in when the weather gets tough. (Or when the flu bug decides to bite)
2) Wonderful friend who rang at around 5 pm for two days when I was ill.
3) A hubby who cares and tries his best.
4) It was only TWO days that I was really down (And a few more of feeling horrible).Thankful for being generally healthy with no other disabilities or health issues.
5) The rain for the garden.
6) Invention of medication.
7) And to meet an old friend who works in the pharmacy besides the GP that I went! (Would have never caught up with her if I wasn’t sick)
8) Enjoying the taste of food when my hunger came back.
9) Having the money for food to be bought back when I couldnt cook.
10) Being in doors at 7:30pm when I would be usually working or more than 1 hour drive away from home.

So I’m also learning to be thankful when a recipe doesnt turn out the way I envisioned it to be.

I love a GOOD sticky date pudding. It’s like one of my thing for winter- just have to bake at least once sticky date pudding. Generally I wait till there is a gathering of some sort because I would bake a 12 ppl portion size pudding and love dishing a warm dessert on a cold night. I spotted this recipe om Better Homes and Gardens and thought I will give my traditional Sticky date pudding a twist by trying it out.

It was… in my tastebuds’ opinon a little too overwhelming. Or perhaps I just like my sticky date pudding the way it is..sticky date! The chocolate though was a nice touch, seems to have overwhelmed the date taste. The texture was a little more cake like than pudding, and I’m not sure the pear did anything to it. It certainly looks pretty though!

Blessings counted:
1) Everyone was forgiving and ate it all up anyway. =)
2) It looks pretty.
3) Love the texture-a little more like a cake than pudding but who cares!
4) I tried something new!!! =)
5) Love a good traditional sticky date pudding.

(ps- prob not trying this again, but if you want the recipe, let me know! =) my mag is out on loan at the moment).

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