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Garlic Cherry Tomato Tuna Pasta

I’m stuck at home feeling really ill. . The worse is that it is really difficult to arrange for a same day doctor’s appointment as most clinics are fully booked! Finally we managed to squeeze an appointment in as a private patient. Doctor gave me 3 days MC. Hate feeling sick. Love being at home but just not the “can’t be bothered to do anything” feeling. Reading and sleeping seem to be what I do the whole day yesterday.

*woah!-ATTITUDE CHECK! Daphne to use this time constructively and rest!

I made this pasta when I was feeling much much better and less miserable. Beautiful bursty cherry tomatoes were in season recently and I bought quite a few punnet of them- making salads or just eating them raw. This time round, I decided to cook cherry halfs in garlic and olive oil and then toss cooked pasta with tuna, mushrooms and peas. It was simple, quick and certainly a tasty meal!
Sharing this with my friends from Presto Pasta. Host this week is Pam from sidewalk shoes (love the name!)..This event was founded by Ruth from Once Upon A Feast.


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