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Oven Baked ChickenFillets

Hanging around grandma has its advantages- I pick up little tips and hints that one will not get otherwise. My grandmother makes the best bbq chicken wings. I recall being invited to bbqs as a teenager with special requests from my friends for my grandmother marinated wings!

She told me that 5 spice and honey are two main ingredients that cannot be missed. As for the quantity of each ingredient, erm… well, it’s to your own “Feel”. If you “feel” like more honey is needed, go ahead- it seems that you can’t really go wrong with marinated chicken fillets unless you put heaps of salt instead of sugar (or vice versa!).

Oved Baked Chicken Fillets (serves 4)
600 grams of chicken fillets (Trimmed with bone in)
about 1/4- 1/2 cup of honey
2-3 tsp of 5 spice
2 generous tablespoons of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of soya
generous sprinkle of ground black pepper
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of corn flour

chopped red onion

Marinate chicken overnight with all ingredients. Preheat oven to 200C. Put chicken fillet in a deep tray and scatter onion over it. Bake for around 45 mins to an hour.

Serve hot with rice and veges.

PS- I like to have sambal with it too!


9 thoughts on “Oven Baked ChickenFillets”

  1. This looks great! I usually marinate chicken wings with soy sauce (light and dark) and honey. Must try adding five spice powder next time. Looks easy to make and great for children. Thanks! How’s married life?


  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It’s really useful to us as we’re not good in cooking. Too bad we don’t have the spice with us, would it taste differently without it?


  3. kenny- totally agree with you! charming- married life is FANTASTIC! love it! hahaha. =) little corner- It didnt burnt because it was baked for a short period of time but I guess if we coat it on the skin surface and on high temp it would easily burn. skinnymum- sure!! I will email you some of my suggestions. =) sugar bean- yes, it would taste different without the 5 spice but have a go at it anyway! u can almost never go wrong with marinated chicken! =)


  4. Wow, is this your own or your grandma’s recipe? Grandmas are such treasures, don’t you think? Make the most out of the time you have with grandma.


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