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Spicy Chicken Mince Tofu with Bean Paste Sauce on Mung Bean Vermicilli

And so we have been married for just over 1 month. =)

Some may say argue that marriage should not change a relationship- but I beg to differ. It’s funny how our brains work- despite being a dating couple for so many years, marriage just bring us closer. Another step ahead. Ee are family now. The responsibilities, future planning, fianaces is just a notch higher than before. AR even speaks like a husband… just the way he stand, the ideas he brought forward and when I asked what changed, he looked at me and say.. well, i’m a husband now.. I am responsible for the family too. No longer me you but it’s always us.

Our jobs for instance has been a topic of discussion lately. One of my closest colleague has decided to resign. Well actually, I’m the last person standing at the moment till more ppl decides to join us. AR raised a very good point that my horrible working hours are affecting him as well- that made me really think hard. It’s no longer about what my career choices are but what each decision affect us.

And what about food you say? According to AR, his colleague said that his lunches look and smell better now that he is married…. hey! that’s unfair.. it has always been me making his can they be different? LOL =)

Some photos from our KL Wedding Celebrations:

Preparations- I was in a Red Cheongsum
Love our big big suite in Sunway Lagoon!

Tea Ceremony:

My gorgous lace gown:

Banquet Dinner:

Just before march in:
With our cousins:
My very happy parents:

My 7th Gown (3rd gown for that night but 7th from all celebrations):

The toast!!!
hehee.. Irene is going to kill me with this one- but I LOVE IT!!! She is my closest and best aunt choosing to travel all the way from SG to KL to attend our celebrations. Seeing her makes me smile!

Our lovely friends who travelled from Australia and Singapore to be with us in KL!

OK, I know I have not been blogging about food lately so I’m going to end this super long post with a dish that is really quick but yummy to prepare.

Spicy Chicken Mince Tofu with Bean Paste Sauce on a bed of Mung Bean Vermicilli
200 grams of chicken mince
1 tsp of garlic
olive oil
chopped carrots
1 cup of chopped peas
1 hard tofu
2 tablespoons of spicy bean paste
3 tablespoons of chinese wine
1/4 cup of chicken stock

mung bean vermicilli- two small bunches

1) Soak mung bean vermicilli in water till it becomes soft. Drain and seperate into portions.

2) Meanwhile, heat oil in work. Pat dry tofu with paper towels and chopped into cubes. When oil is hot, fry tofu till golden. Drain with papertowels again and set aside.

3) Same wok- add a little oil if needed, fry garlic. Add chicken mince in and fry till nearly done breaking up the pieces. Add all veges, bean paste and stock. Simmer. Add tofu after 5 minutes.

4) Taste and add salt/pepper accordingly. Spoon mixture onto mung bean vermicilli.

5) Serve! =)

I am dishing this with wedding love on Presto Pasta! Hosted by Sara from I’mfoodblog and founded by Ruth from Once Upon a Feast.


16 thoughts on “Spicy Chicken Mince Tofu with Bean Paste Sauce on Mung Bean Vermicilli”

  1. gorgeous pictures, and i love hearing that marriage changed everything for the better for you guys 🙂 so sweetttttttttttt “i am now a husband” waaaaaa….gosh…you are indeed queen of pasta/noodles ya ^_^ keep them a comin!


  2. Your wedding look just beautiful, you both look very happy. Congratulations! The pasta looks equally as wonderful, I have never made a dish like that before. I really want to try the mung bean vermicilliSara/


  3. I still love your tasty quick meals – this has not changed after you became Mrs R and will get better :DYour 7th gown – I wore the same color as my night gown during my wedding too :p


  4. Gosh, I sure need to catch up with you soon, Daphne… been awhile with all my travelling… You’ve been married a month already?Congratulations, my dear, and may your married life bring you new wonders and joy each day, may each morning deepen your love for each other, and each evening find each other in the other’s arms, one for the rest of your lives together. 🙂


  5. Thank you so much for inviting us (even if only virtually) to your wedding celebrations. May you have many years ahead that will keep you both smiling.And thanks for sharing another great dish with Presto Pasta Nights…hmmm…I wonder if it will tasted different now?


  6. “No longer me you but it’s always us.”So true!I clicked to your blog from Presto Pasta Nights (I always love mung bean thread!), but I adored seeing your photos. Many congratulations on marriage, which can be oh so wonderful. It’s great to see people so in love. Best wishes.


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